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   Our true identity is often hidden behind the masks we wear. Masks contain complete social schemas. Others look at the mask and understand what it represents and know what mask to wear themselves.

   Masks thus protect the person and facilitate interaction with others. People wears a mask in different situations to be the person that they want to present there. It also may be provided by others who interpellate people into subject and cultural roles. Masks provide a position of safety as we hide our anxieties behind masks of power and security. We wear layers of masks, such that if one is removed, the true self is not found beneath, but just another mask.


   We all have a need for a sense of identity, of who we are and our place in the world. This is not always easy and we may be challenged in many ways. There are also inner conflicts that make settling on who we really are a difficult process.


   The thing that interests me is out there can be more proof in the mask that you adopt than in your real self. I always believed in masks. I never believed in emancipatory potential of taking your mask off.

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